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Coriolus (Turkey Tail) PSP

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Coriolus PSP is one of the most effective and best selling immune support supplements in the world. With health benefits verified by hundreds of studies and multiple human clinical trials, it is also one of the most thoroughly researched medicinal mushroom supplements used for immune support.

Turkey Tail Mushroom

Also called the Turkey Tail mushroom or Trametes versicolor, Coriolus versicolor enjoys a long history of use and recognition in Traditional Chinese Medicine, with appearances in traditional herbal texts dating as far back as the early 15th century. Coriolus PSP was developed by Dr. Yang of the Shanghai Teachers College in the 1980’s. Contrary to what some companies claim, PSP and PSK can be produced from any strain of Coriolus versicolor and can be extracted from the mushroom fruit bodies or the mycelium, as long as the mycelium is grown through submerged culture in a liquid medium. According to the U.S. Patent filed by the inventors of the extraction process for PSK, the term fungus belonging to the Coriolus genus’ used in this invention refers to the fruit body and/or mycelium of the fungus.

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